From the Ashes of Angels

Stop - Rinse - Repeat: Trials Continue

Recollections of The Iron Raven

Upon the strength of ones compatriots…

Three more trials and I will confess that the biggest lesson we learn from these trials may be that our combined efforts can be greater than the sum of our individual contributions. It’s more than just to know ones roll and perform it admirably, but also to recognize where a simple helping hand or extra effort can raise your compatriot to even greater success.

Our earliest trial saw us each moving to engage the enemy while also attempting to solve the riddles put before us. At first glance you might even say we tried to work together; but we were disjointed, with each individual turning to where they could personally do the most.

In the second trial we thought to concentrate on the skill challenges, with individuals better at retrieving the holy symbols passing them to those that were better at placing them where they needed to go. No plan survives contact with the opposition… Concentrating too much on the holy symbols caused us to loose valuable to ground (resources) to the undead hounds we also faced who overwhelmed individuals as we spread out into the room.

For the third room It WAS going to be Drelf and I trying to get the large symbols we were presented with into place at the top of a series of 8 tall pillars, while the others could try to get them up to us, but we were beat to the punch by the skelletons that came out from hiding behind the pillars. The archers alone nearly felled half our party before we could react. The challenge quickly became one of attempting to recover, get our feet under ourselves, and swing the tide in our favor. I quickly switched plans and ran down the nearest archer before they could launch a second volley. I called out to Hrafn, who had teamed with Deitrich to forestall the onrushing melee skeletons, and we quickly double teamed the next archer…together dropping it in mere moments. We then rushed back to Deitrich’s aid. And like this we began to work as more of a team.

Perhaps the Raven Queen saw this, for our next challenge she separated us in pairs. I ended up with Hali, a bright gal (literally) but one I have yet to team well with. We rushed around one side of the maze, while Drelf and Dirge went the other way looking for the remaining two. They found them first and engaged a group of undead, including some sort of mage. Hali and I attempted to press our way into the center of the maze from the other direction but the defenders were too stout for us. Instead I found myself pushed to the limit trying to hold them off. Perhaps some of Deitrich’s sparring rubbed off on me, because I held…only just barely. But it was long enough for Deitrich to come to our aid, rushing to challenge the defenders from behind. This turned the tied and after we dispatched one he bottled up the other so Hali and I could rush the center and join with several of the others in quickly cleaning the Raven Queen’s pillars. This concerted effort by the group allowed us to defeat the challenge without dispatching all our foes.

And so it is that I believe, as I sit hear recovering from the exertions and looking upon my compatriots, it is they that bolster me and push me to greater feats than I could accomplish on my own. I can only hope that I do as much for them as they for me.



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