From the Ashes of Angels

Night Falls...Day Breaks

Recollections of The Iron Raven

Change of plans….

We camped between the houses, such that we could observe all of them. It was figured that this would improve out chances of noticing evening happenings. We broke up into two watches instead of three and settled down for the night. I was to be on second watch some time after midnight.

Some time after second watch had settled in and fell to slumbering our awake compatriots noted some lights moving in various houses. They roused the rest of us. I grabbed my blades and made ready to approach a house. Hrafn gestured that I should put on my armor…that probably would be helpful. shrug While doing so I too noted a light in a nearby window. As soon as we were set I quietly made my way over to the house.

After gently opening the door we filed inside, Deitrich Essenbach bringing up the rear and watching the other buildings. What we found I cannot really understand. They were people somewhere between here and the beyond, seeming to just be going about their evening activities. I went over to a lady in the corner appearing to be tending to some mending; mending that also seemed to be laying on the floor in our reality.

Did something kill these people and these but shadows….memories of what their life had been?

Drelfand I led the way upstairs, while a man came in through (literally) the front door, carrying a candle. I am told the downstairs apparitions vanished when the candle entered the room. The man made his way upstairs, passing through Hrafn with an icy coldness on his way to bed. He entered one of the upstairs bedrooms, lay down in bed, and blew out the candle before sinking through the bed. All the while, I had been notinceing movement out of the corner of my eyes in the corners of various rooms, but I couldn’t

Lastly, some of us went to investigate the basement. It was completely dark, so I lit a candle and led Drelf and Dirge down the rickety stairs. There was nothing down there we could see, though I shown the light all around. I gestured the other two back up the stairs, moved to the base of the stair, and blew out the candle. I’d been thinking to see if anything appeared once the light was gone, something that couldn’t be seen in the presence of the candle…

…well I still couldn’t SEE them, but I suddenly felt their despair wash over me from the darkness in biting waves of cold misery. It quite nearly froze me where I stood. I did my best to regain my senses and rushed headlong up the stairs back into the welcoming moonlight and my friends. I raised the alarm as best I could, but all I could really think for the moment was just how cold I was and of a need to get warm. Someone through a sunrod to the bottom of the stairs, Hrafn I think. Deitrich moved to block the stairs and intercept whatever might come rushing up after me. Drelf quick stepped down past him to investigate and engaged what turned out to be two tiny balls of darkness exuding sorrow. They quickly fled his onslaught and rushed Deitrich who pinned one as the other…bounded by?

More revealed themselves within the house, yet they all headed for the doors which they couldn’t get out. Failing to escape they turned their misery on those of us closes to them. I admit, I was torn as to what to do. They seemed more scared than vicious, yet I couldn’t deny the attacks they had inflicted on myself and those with me. I quickly turned to Hrafn for guidance; he assured me of their undead nature and that we should put them to rest. I fell inward on my training and that was it. We dispatched them all.

Once night faded, we gathered up our gear and headed back to the forest. The carrion I’d piled up previously had been ravaged by a variety of beasts of all sizes. We headed off into the forest. The sounds were rather intense, more so than I would have expected from the descriptions of what forests were like. We found the remains of many beasts and animals picked clean as we ventured beneath the forest’s canopy.

As we pressed on with out exploration, I eventually came to the understanding…perhaps more like “feeling”….that we were being watched, or rather hunted. I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something out there.



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