From the Ashes of Angels

Hrafn's Journal -- Harvestide 35 - Signs Upon Signs

Game Session 7/15/2015

Harvestide 33 – Ghost Raven

After morning prayers, we were collected together to recount our tale to the Abbess. We are supposedly the first reported group of servants to the Raven Queen to be tested in this way for centuries, though there was speculation that perhaps others have been tested and simply failed to return… I am not sure if I should be more honored to be tested in such a way, or be concerned for how dire circumstances are that such would be needed. Regardless, trying to escape ones fate is a fruitless endeavor.

During our meeting, we were interrupted by an urgent acolyte. He reported a divine sign in the main cathedral area. We accompanied the Abbess and her guards to find the room packed, and a large, spectral raven circling the main altar.

At the Abbess’ beseeching, the being landed between our group and the main altar, where the Abbess was standing. It regarded each of our group in turn and pronounced a prophecy that those present reconstructed to be the following (though my spelling is uncertain):

“They come:
Those benighted stewards of Eliothos
On the fourth majority of Kalsun’s fall
Leraux’s folly rebirths the gilded ones.
Where once stood false allies evermore shall stand ash.
The forge of the soul stealers grows dim
And the children of hope have all but forgotten the path.
Who then can stand the coming of night?”

While we rested up and prepared to travel out to find the group of shrouded travelers seen in the area, research commenced. Before we left, we learned that Eliothos is an ancient name for the Hordelands which existed at least as far back as the founding of the Empire. Kalsun was a city in Eliothos, somewhere near its center. Leraux was a general in the crusades into the Hordelands and is a name originating from the Imperial core.

Harvestide 34 – Servants from Shadow

With only about a half day’s effort, we were able to locate the group of shadowy travelers. It turns out they are one of numerous groups of Shadar Kai seekers sent from Latherna. Someone or something has stolen souls from our Lady’s divine kingdom. They have been searching for some time but have yet to find any signs and they have no knowledge of the purpose behind this theft.

After describing the disturbing remains of the child we had encountered nearby, and speaking of the prophetic gifts of the Abbess and sacred prominence of the cathedral, the group agreed to return with us. They met with the Abbess. At least they don’t seem to be part of the threats to the area, though dark harbingers in their own way. Perhaps even potential allies.

Harvestide 35

We’ve set out north again along the road toward the pass, diverting a bit to the west of the pass to investigate that area before heading through.



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