Half-Orc Monk of the Order of the Black Feather


Half-Orc Monk
17 yrs Old
5’9" tall, 155 lbs

Short, neatly trimmed black hair, dark grey skin with very slightly protruding lower canines.
Dark green eyes under thick black eyebrows.

Drelf wears a simple black robe with a stylized black feather pendant. He has a single dagger in his belt.

He speaks Giant and common.


Drelf is a severe looking half-orc who wears a simple black robe. Relatively small for a half-orc, he moves with a fluid grace that shows athleticism. Around his neck he wears a black feather on a chain, the sign on the Order of the Black Feather. They are a monastic order of the Raven Queen, known to house many outcasts and unwanted people.

Drelf was born in a small town far away. Soon after birth he was given to a travelling monk of the Black Feather, and never learned anything of actual birth parents. Raised by the monks, he was taught that the Raven Queen had spared his life for the purpose of serving her, and that his fate was to someday die in her service. He has proudly accepted that calling, and will fearlessly serve her to the best of his abilities.


From the Ashes of Angels Drelf