From the Ashes of Angels

You be the judge

Recollections of the Iron Raven

It has been a a little while since I last put thoughts to paper. I figure I should try to again, though there is not much to report at the moment.

We recently arrived back at the city from attempting to investigate north of the pass to find that we were the subject of inquiries from one of the local magistrates. It seems the Shadarki we introduced to others before we left for the pass got into some sort of altercation with some of the WarForged…then escaped custody. We were wanted for “questioning” concerning them and where they might have gone. Regardless of what we provided for information it would seem the magistrate was determined to sentence us to some level of punishment. We received one fight in the arena. All things considered, we probably got off as easy as we could hope.

A few days later a pair of guards came to collect us for our fight. We arrived at the arena and learned that there were some bandits, some orcs mercenaries who come up to fight in the arena for money, and the WarForge who had been involved in the altercation with the Shadarki. When we entered the arena we discovered we were faced with the orc mercenaries. Who I guess because they get paid to be there got to start on the high ground in more defensible positions and we the “accused” had to attack. It’s just one more reason to laugh at the “fairness” of the system here, but what do I know. Maybe out of owners like ourselves are expected to get the short end of the stick in such dealing.

We’ll we fought. Hrafn pulled us together quick before the horn sounded to start and blessed us in service to her Majesty. We then brought further her wrath. It wasn’t so much the orks; they just had the unfortunate part of being the ones there to receive it. Several of them died, some just end up unconscious, and a few surrendered before they personally got the brunt of it turned against them. The crowd seemed to enjoy it well enough, hopefully that doesn’t mean we’ll find ourselves here again sooner than not on invented charges for the entertainment of the masses.

Wow, I’m becoming quite the cynic stepping back out into the wide world. I’m hoping there is more good beyond those I travel with and know through her divine grace. But for not at least there is sleep to be had as the twilight approaches.



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