From the Ashes of Angels

Secret Doors a death

Recollections of the Iron Raven

Deitrich Essenbach noticed what appeared to be a ledge under one of the bridges into town yesterday, so we arranged with a farmer up stream to pilot us down the river to investigate it.

As evening rolled in today we met with the farmer at the river and he navigated down to the ledge. Drelf and I jumped out onto the ledge and began looking for the door he’d found earlier in the day. It was well hidden but once Drelf pointed out one of the catches it became obvious. I popped the catch and it swung in on silent hinges.

Beyond the door was a well used passaged that appeared to be man made and led approximately straight under the city. We crept in and pulled out a hooded lantern. Soon we encountered two doors with light coming from underneath. I heard footsteps coming from the second of them so Dietrich and I got in position and he opened the door to investigate. No sooner had he opened the door than one the ruffians inside yelled out an alarm. Soon after the other door flew open but Drelf was in position to bottle up the inhabitants. The ruffians packed a punch but we worked well together and systematically eliminated them.

We found many crates containing healing herbs and some other odds and ends. We interigated one of the men that had surrendered. He told us of the Temple to Avandra up the way and that one of the bosses was likely there. There is also theoreticaly an office with a journal recording the goods that have been smuggled in.

We pressed on down the passage and found a pair of guard at a double for across the passage. Derive and I rushed the guards in an attempt to take them down quick; however they still sounded an alarm and other guards were quick to investigate. We ended up in a pitched battle that was turning sour because of a couple archers in the next toom. We hit the guards hard and it looked like we’d gained the upper hand, so I rushed the archers only to find a couple more opponents skulking back there… the same time one of the remaining guards got critical positioning on Dietrich and laid him out DEAD. This put us in a dire spot. We all had to dig deep and find that little something else to keep us going.

We rallied, everyone left did their job and then some….and we prevailed. We found what appears to be a stairway up to the backroom of a shop in the city, a couple bedrooms, the office (with shipping journal), and a pair of ornate doors that appear to possibly lead to the Temple of Avandra (though we see no specific religious icons).

We’re electing to push on through the doors. If we head out now to bring Dietrich back to the temple it is likely that they’ll clear out what we might find here or else increase their defenses which are already stiff. We also can’t get the herbs we found and need back out via the boat.

So we push on in the hopes we’ll be able to find their boss and learn a bit more.



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