From the Ashes of Angels

Hrafn's Journal -- Harvestide 39 - Into the Living Grave

Game Session - 6/22/2015

Harvestide 36

A quiet day. We travelled a half day west of the pass and back, finding nothing notable of interest.

Harvestide 37 – Entering the pass

We started up into the pass. By noon we came to the remains of a wall fortification facing up the pass. The gates stood open. If required, it seems like the place could be refurbished.

Several hours later we come to another wall, this one with collapsed buildings behind. Monique pointed out that there seemed to be significant dry rot to the construction. The reason for which would become apparent soon enough.

As we passed through the gate, and unnatural and unnerving chill settled over us. We also noticed signs of foot traffic just past this gate.

At this point we decided to weather the night behind the protection of the second wall.

Harvestide 38 – Passing the Crest

By late morning we approached the crest of the pass and the largest set of fortifications. As we approached we can see figures in the complex. Soon they approached and we could see they were undead.

We defeated them, but it seems they carried a foul disease to which myself and Drelf succumb. This Soul Rot drained away at our vitality and a great deal of healing energy placed into us would drain away from this sickness.

We made our way further down the pass and by mid afternoon we approached the fourth wall where we defeated even more undead. We did discover an enchanted robe in the remains of one of the buildings which Drelf is able to use.

We can see a fifth wall at the end of the pass, and figures moving along its top, so we bedded down in the growing chill behind the fourth wall.

With some careful attention, Drelf and I were able to start recovering from the Soul Rot, but are still feeling some of the disease’s effects.

Even more concerning, something about this place seems to be pulling at our core life essence, and I believe if we stay too long, we will eventually be virtually at the brink of death. We will have to proceed with caution and retreat up the pass to recover when it becomes too much.

Whatever happened in the Hordelands, the place reeks of death now and not in a natural way. I don’t know if we’ll find the source of this horrific blight, but certainly we’ll have plenty of information to return with. Soon we’ll move on to the final wall between us and the Hordelands.



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