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World’s name: Alorea

An Alorean day is approximately the same duration as an Earth day, roughly 24 hours. An Alorean year is slightly longer than an Earth year, lasting exactly 400 days. There are eight months of 50 days each, correlating to the orbital period of Alorea’s larger moon, Breaker. (see also Astronomy).

Weeks are 7 days long. The first day of every month is not considered part of a week. It is a minor holiday and by tradition little work is done that day (by comparison, commoners generally work equally the other 49 days of the month – there is no weekend). And so every month is seven weeks plus one non-week day long, and the 2nd of the month is always [Onesday] (real name pending).

Months of the year:

  1. Renewal
  2. Meltwater
  3. Warsun
  4. Flamesun
  5. Harvestide
  6. Stormfall
  7. Remembrance
  8. The Reaping

Significant dates:

  • New Year’s day: 1 Renewal
  • First day of spring: 1 Renewal
  • Spring equinox: 1 Meltwater
  • First day of summer: 1 Warsun
  • Summer solstice: 1 Flamesun
  • First day of autumn: 1 Harvestide
  • Autumnal equinox: 1 Stormfall
  • First day of winter: 1 Remembrance
  • Winter solstice: 1 The Reaping

Days of the week:

  1. tbd
  2. tbd
  3. tbd
  4. tbd
  5. tbd
  6. tbd
  7. tbd

Known continents

  • Cernus

Known oceans

The World

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