setting basics

All starting player characters are en route to the city of Rejksburg. This is the only outpost of civilization for a week in any direction. Once upon a time there were other smaller settlements nearby, but they have been swallowed up by the ravages of local monsters in the years since the demise of the Delian Empire. There is a map of the local region on the maps tab. Missing from the map is the Delleth River that runs east-west down the valley.

A wide, raised road connects Rejksburg to Donistun to the west and the port of Karsinne to the east. The road lies south of the river to the west of Rejksburg, and north of the river east of Rejksburg. The road was built in the heyday of the early Delian Empire and is easily wide enough for two wagons to pass each other, and is raised 5-10 feet off ‘ground’ level. A side benefit of the road’s raised nature is that the road tends to remain passable for much of the winter, even while the bulk of the region is buried in snow – because the winds that tend to rip through the valley do a good job of blowing the top of the road (mostly) clean – with sizeable drifts adjacent to it.

The Starfire Mountains are a day or two to the north-northeast, containing a number of active volcanoes. These mountains are tall enough to be snow-capped most of the year – when they’re not blowing their tops. The range is volcanic in origin, and several of the peaks are still active.

Beyond the Starfire Mountains is an expanse known colloquially as the Hordelands. Until fairly recently the area was occuppied by warring tribes of goblinoids. Imperial crusades decimated the native populace about 75 years ago. What, if anything, populates the area now is not widely known.

To the south lies the Tarneth Mountains an older, flatter, and more stable range.

There is an old-growth forest to the northwest, between the mostly east/west trade route that passes through Rejksburg and the northern mountains. Rumors claim the core of the forest has strong connections to the Feywild.

setting basics

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