OOC quests

This is basically my way of pawning off some of the world-building onto interested players, and rewarding them for taking me up on it. When I want help adding to the campaign experience that doesn’t involve what you do at the game table I will post it here. These requests are all optional.

Because I want to reward players for anything that adds to the story of the game whether at the table or not, any campaign additions as a result (direct or otherwise) of these requests will be rewarded, typically as minor quests of the party level. The xp reward will be shared by all members of the party, even though it’s likely that many of the quests that end up here will be completed by a single individual. Non-xp rewards (if any) will generally fall only onto the character of the player completing the task.

Any submission I actually use in game will definitely receive a quest reward. Submissions I don’t choose to use may or may not receive a reward.

Feel free to suggest additional things for this list, with or without solution to said items. The best place to put said suggestions is the suggestion box, though talking to me is a good option too.

Current OOC quests available:

  • Write a backstory for your character. (available once per PC)
  • Name and describe a business operating in Rejksburg (inn, general store, etc). Must include name of business and proprieter, as well as a general description of the physical appearance. Generally this should be at 1-2 paragraphs. (available multiple times, limit undetermined)
  • Write an adventure log post. (available once per game; must be posted by end of day Monday)
  • (Major Quest) Write up one of the baronies of the kingdom of Pasadyl, including at least the following:
    • Name of the baron or baroness
    • Style of government
    • Major noble family/families
    • Any secondary settlements of significance
    • Major temples & their high priests/priestesses
    • Dominant industries
    • (note that not all baronies are available for writeup. see the individual barony page before starting))

OOC quests

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