Locations of Note

Collected here to make finding links to locations easier:

Kingdom of Pasadyl:
      City State of Rejksburg
      Capital City Proxita
        Northern Duchy
       – Anterlon
       – Griven
       – Lysental
       – Mault
       – Trepel
       – Volta
        Southwestern Duchy
       – Breun
       – Sherek
       – Ulteron
        Eastern Duchy
       – Blauster
       – Donistun
       – Fomalhaun

The fallen Delian Empire

Eastern Independent City of Karsinne

Wild lands to the northeast, the Hordelands

Western forest, the Mistwood

Barren southern lands, the Blighted Lands

Major Seas:
– The Ocean of Frozen Tears
– The Shining Seas

Locations of Note

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