house rules


  • Major and minor quests presented to the PCs will be given to the players on index cards, one card per quest. Hopefully this will help people track what they’ve agreed to do and for whom, as I intend some quests to be nonlinear/interwoven with other plot points.
  • Players may suggest quests they’d like to see introduced into the game. The party will be rewarded (typ. with xp) if/when I accept the quest & make it part of the campaign, and again if/when the quest is completed. To make a quest suggestion simply give me the quest objective you’d like introduced (or put it in the suggestion box). This doesn’t have to be anything your character would even think of, it’s a direct way of telling the DM “I want to see this in the campaign.” I make no promises how many of these will be implemented, but I hope to use more than I ignore.

Passive skills:

  • I plan to use ‘passive’ values for much more than perception and insight
  • Monster knowledge checks will be passive & free at the start of an encounter (or whenever first encountering a monster out of combat).
    • Active monster knowledge checks (to attempt to beat what your passive got you) require a standard action.
    • Themes or abilities that require or use a monster knowledge check will still roll (usually no action/when you roll initiative).
  • Passive checks on knowledge skills will be used to determine whether certain portions of this wiki are viewable. See the ‘Player Secret’ section of this page (below) to see where to look on other pages for information that is partially hidden. You must be logged in to see these sections! Places I specifically expect to use this include:
    • Rumors (Streetwise mostly)
    • various as-yet-unwritten setting pages (history mostly)

Readied actions

  • Readied actions DO NOT reset your initiative.
  • Using your readied action is a free action that times as an immediate interrupt.

Timing of multi-effect abilities

  • At the moment this is mostly built in consideration of abilities that push/pull/slide in addition to damage, but it applies to all abilities that do multiple things in one hit/miss/effect box.
  • I go back & forth in my head all the time about how this should work, but I don’t intend to change how it works in-game during the campaign (so if you have opinions, let’s talk about them before game start).
  • Monsters will generally not react to multi-effect abilities until after the whole ability resolves.
  • PCs cannot react to multi-effect abilities until after the whole ability resolves, unless they are reacting to forced movement, which can still be done on a square-by-square basis.
  • If it becomes relevant, multi-effect abilities resolve in the order they are written.

Other relatively minor rules tweaks include:

  • The world uses ten alignments instead of five. See the character creation page for more info.
  • A ritual caster must be trained in at least one key skill of a ritual in order to master or perform the ritual. This does not apply to use of ritual scrolls.
  • Some changes to the Eladrin race.

house rules

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