character creation

FYI: The Party roster as it stands now.

Assume character creation follows the rulebooks as written unless modified by something in this wiki.

For the first set of characters almost any race from any current 4E sourcebook is legal, provided it has rules for being played as a PC. If characters die or otherwise retire the racial options for replacement characters will be limited to what makes sense for the remaining characters place in the world. There are a few exceptions to this, please see playable races.

In general any class/feat/item/power/etc… is legal unless it presumes the character is from a specific named world or location within same. The current list of forbidden items is here. Some character elements not forbidden will nonetheless require reskinning to fit into the world. When in doubt, ask the DM.

This game uses a ten alignment system, instead of the five alignment system that is standard to 4E. The alignments will be mostly familiar to anyone who has played a previous edition of D&D. The alignments are Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Good, True Neutral, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil, and Unaligned. PCs may not have an evil alignment, and True Neutral is allowed only after discussion with the DM.

Additional character generation requirements

Answer the PC questionaire.

Creation of a backstory that goes beyond the questionaire would be appreciated, but is not strictly required. I know some people like long pre-game backgrounds and others like to figure out things as they go. Do what you’re comfortable with.

I do want to see your character sheet before the game start. The earlier the better, for at least a preliminary copy. I want to understand what selections people make so I can properly plan for them, and discuss with you if any aspect needs to be tweaked to fit the world (especially true for background and theme selections). The easiest (but hardly only) way to get me this stuff is (if you’re using the online character builder) use the character sheet display style “character summary” which is a simple text list of your selections. You can copy this into an email and send it to me, or even put it on the wiki if you like.

character creation

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