From the Ashes of Angels

Hrafn's Journal -- Harvestide 27 - Trials continue

Game Session 7/1/2015

Harvestide 27? — Tested

I scribble down these notes as I can during a brief reprieve in our trials.

We have faced four different trials now since we arrived in this shadow realm.

So far the group has performed well, both in battle and in completing the tests of our skills and knowledge that have been presented to us. It seems any given test will terminate when we have defeated all of the adversaries that appear or when we complete the test of our skills.

In our most recent test, we faced some sort of undead wizard or sorcerer who proved to have challenging magics to overcome, and we ultimately drove him off with holy power long enough to complete the activation of the obelisks that were in the maze we had been placed in. In the previous tests, we defeated all of the creatures attacking us before we completed the tasks of skill.

I believe we are acquitting ourselves well, but now the truer test begins. I am confident we can safely complete the next test. I for one feel hearty of body, and have reserved my most potent prayers yet. Some of my companions are beginning to show signs of fatigue though. I believe I will encourage use of the Comrade Succor ritual now, if we have time to complete it. I think that may provide us greater confidence in perhaps taking on a sixth test as well. I’m not sure if we’ll have time for everyone to recover and to complete the ritual before the next challenge begins, but I believe trying now, when we can complete at least one more round with confidence is a better strategy than relying on it for survival before a sixth round, and not being quite able to complete it.

Even with the ritual bolstering those who have taken more injury to this point, we may choose to retreat after the next trial. I believe we should try to complete two more, if we are able, as if we do not push ourselves, how can our Queen accurately judge our ability? Still, the tests have become more challenging with each one, as the dark figure warned…

May we not fail under Her gaze.



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